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Welcome to the Jackson Police Departments Camera Registry Program. The Jackson Police Department invites its citizens and businesses to become an integral part of Crime Prevention in the City of Jackson. One way to do this is through our Camera Registry Program

What is the Camera Registry Program?

The Camera Registry Program allows businesses and citizens to register their security cameras with the Jackson Police Department. We only want those cameras that are external facing. Once a camera is registered, if a crime occurs in your area, we can then send requests for video to those who have registered cameras in a given area. 

Will the Jackson Police be able to view my cameras?

No, the Jackson Police Department will only see the video that you are willing to share with us. We will never have access to view any of your cameras live. 

How can I register my camera?

You can register your camera(s) by visiting this link here

Is there any cost to register my cameras?

There is no cost to register your cameras and it is totally voluntary. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to help the Jackson Police Department fight crime in your neighborhoods

As always, the Jackson Police Department will safeguard any information that is shared with us. Our service to you is of utmost importance and we strive to provide the best services possible. This is another way for the Jackson Police Department to work hand in hand with the citizens that we love to serve. 

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