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Fire Safety House Exterior

City of Jackson, TN Fire Safety House

The Jackson Fire Department Fire & Life Safety House, located at 74 B Conalco Drive, prepares families to survive in the event of an actual fire or tornado in the home. The House introduces comprehensive fire prevention and safety education program. Children and adults are taught by firefighters in a classroom setting, after which they experience a simulation of a fire in the home using special effects like non-toxic, artificial smoke, heat-panels in bedroom doors. This real-life model creates an environment that provides its audience with the knowledge needed to prevent fires and the steps to follow if they find themselves in an emergency situation. Within the home, educators also talk about and demonstrate how to survive tornadoes and life safety issues. It has been proven that by using a simulator we can provide a new and more effective method of communicating fire safety messages through “hands-on” instruction.

Since July 1, 2016, the Fire Safety House has educated over 3500 students. With this being the first interactive simulation house in the State of Tennessee, there have been a number of students from all ages local and statewide who have attended. The house offers 5 different programs that are targeted to reach every demographic of people. The Fire Safety House has proven that the key to surviving a fire or emergency is through awareness and education.

Teachers, please download and fill out the documents below for our records.
Preparing Your Students for the Fire Safety House
Jackson Fire Department Fire Safety House Request Form

Fire Safety Tips


The City of Jackson, TN Fire Department's Public Education Division brings you Fire Safety Tips from our Fire Safety House. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to hold in-person classes. Teachers, please download and fill out the Jackson Fire Department Fire Safety House request form for our records.

If you have any questions, please email Jackson, TN Fire Department Public Education Coordinator Errick Merriweather.


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