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2023 Mayor's Civic Pride Award Nominations

The annual Mayor’s Civic Pride Awards recognize individuals that take exception care in their properties, which includes keeping yards well kept, beautiful landscaping and/or hardscape, and overall curb appeal.

A group of Master Gardeners will judge this year’s Civic Pride nomination entries in which five individual awards will be given from five areas within the city as well as five honorable mentions. There will also be a Commercial, Educational, and Religious Institution category with five awards given and three honorable mentions.

An Environmental Stewardship award will also be presented to an individual, company or organization that goes out of their way to do something that will better the planet such as a student instituting a recycling program at their school; a person who organizes regular litter pick-ups; a company that changes operating procedures to go greener and protect our planet.


The total exterior appearance of the property as viewed from the street is evaluated. General criteria include the overall appearance, tidiness and neatness of the front of the property as evidenced by pruned plantings, defined lawns, and visually appealing borders & flower beds. Each of the following areas is rated on a 30 point scale and then totaled for an overall score (90 maximum points).

LAWN & HARD SURFACES: Grass should be healthy with minimal discoloration, bare spots, or weeds. Grass shall be mowed, and edged/trimmed around foundations, fences, and hard surfaces like sidewalks. Walkways and driveways should be clean (including trash containers or yard products removed from view).

LANDSCAPE & FLOWER BEDS: Beds should be weed free, and flowers should be dead-headed. Seasonal color by incorporating flowering annuals in encouraged. Dead plants should be removed, and shrubs and trees should be properly pruned. Landscape should be neat, and balanced with plantings in scale with the surroundings and complimentary to setting.

AESTHETICS: The overall look of landscaping (formal versus informal, use of color and textures, garden art) is important. The front entryway should be inviting, with original and creative touches to show personality (hanging baskets, pots, yard art, bird feeders, etc.)

Nomination Dates: Monday, May 1, 2023 - Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Judging Complete By: June 1 - 12, 2023
Awards Presentation: Tuesday, June 27, 2023 at 11:30 a.m. - West Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center

Anyone can make multiple nominations for each category!

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