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Surplus Properties

City of Jackson, TN's Mow-to-Own Program

The City of Jackson’s Mow-to-Own program would allow city surplus property to be acquired by property owners who qualify.

Applicants who are eligible for this program must:

  • Reside adjacent to the property, fronting on the same street.
  • Be a homeowner and reside in the home adjacent to the property.

The requested property must be owned by the City of Jackson, TN (not City/County owned) to be eligible and must be on the surplus list (see properties below).

If all these conditions are met, the homeowner must make an application for the mow to own program. There is no application fee.

Once the application is approved, the homeowner must maintain the property for a period of one (1) year from the application approval date. The homeowner must keep the grass cut and the property free of debris to the City's satisfaction.

If the homeowner properly maintains the property for a period of one (1) year, then the property will be deeded to the homeowner. The homeowner is responsible for paying any closing costs associated with transferring the property.

Please note that only the properties on this list are eligible.

Only completed applications will be considered.

There are currently no properties eligible for mow-to-own.

Surplus Property List 

These properties are currently for sale by the city.
213 Second Street
214-216 Eastview
216 Elm Street
222 Elm Square Alley

Jointly Owned City of Jackson-Madison County Surplus Properties

For a list of the jointly owned Surplus properties, visit the Madison County Tennessee website here or contact (731) 988-3110 Extension 1.

Pending Properties

There are no pending properties at this time.


To make an offer, please submit the completed form below to the Revenue Department via email: Revenue Email


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