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City of Jackson announces Tactical Urbanism initiative
Posted on 10/06/2021

JACKSON, Tenn. – The City of Jackson’s Tactical Urbanism initiative gives the community the opportunity to work directly with the city’s Engineering Department to form ideas and test new designs that could enhance the safety, health, and happiness of neighborhoods.

Tactical Urbanism is a set of techniques that cities or community groups can use to test out low-cost, short-term improvements to the built environment.

The goal of Tactical Urbanism is to test new designs and ideas that will improve the safety, health, and happiness of our neighborhoods.

“We’ve heard and listened to the citizens in Jackson who have great ideas when it comes to making their neighborhoods safer,” said Mayor Scott Conger. “We are excited to provide this opportunity to help our residents create these projects through this initiative.”

City of Jackson Engineering Department Director Tom Wolf and his staff will work with applicants to fulfill all requirements to complete their projects including the permit process.

The City of Jackson encourages citizens to develop their own Tactical Urbanism projects. Visit http://tacticalurbanism.jacksontn.gov for an information guide and application form.

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