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The City of Jackson Stormwater Operations Department is responsible for maintaining storm drains and drainage ditches along city streets. After it rains, storm drains and ditches divert the water away from road surfaces into larger water bodies such as creeks, streams, rivers, and eventually, the ocean. The system consists of inlets or catch basins, open channels and ditches, and underground pipelines. We routinely clean drains, and pipes to remove obstacles obstructing the flow of water and make structural improvements to insure that the system is efficiently and reasonably handling water flow.

Citizens are reminded to never dispose of leaves, grass clippings, or trash into the drainage system or in a location, such as a roadway, where debris could be swept into the system by storm water resulting in serious flooding after the next storm.

To report a drainage concern, please call city services at 311. Emergency situations after hours should be reported to the Police Department at 731.425.8400

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