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Organized Approach & Responsibility

Jackson can stay beautiful with your help! Get involved - if you see someone dumping illegally, report it!

Jackson Police Department

  • will fine for illegal dumping.
  • will work with citizens to submit litter and illegal dumping claims.
  • will patrol for illegal tarping by commercial hauling and dumping industries.

Health & Sanitation (731-425-8545)

  • will send certified letters to residential addresses utilizing city Health & Sanitation services.

Code Enforcement Officers (731-425-8262)

  • will track and send certified letters for illegal dumping in residential areas.

Jackson City Court can impose a $50 fine for littering offenses through City Ordinances.

The City has adopted all of the misdemeanor offenses against the State of Tennessee to also be offenses against the City of Jackson. (Jackson Municipal Code 11-101)

Officer Rick Butler

Rick Butler
Litter Enforcement Officer
[email protected]

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