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 The Street Department has the responsibility for spreading salt and snow plowing for snow and ice control when required on city maintained streets. The overall objective of this division is to salt all hills and bridges within six (6) hours of snowfall/icing occurring; and all major street and connector streets within the first twelve (12) hours. The objective of the Street Department Snow Removal Plan, in the City of Jackson, is to provide a roadway that is passable and safe for vehicular traffic. To achieve the above objective, the department has established a plan that divides personnel into two twelve (12) hour shifts and they will work on alternating shifts until all Priority streets are clear of snow and ice. The plan identifies the zones, which the city is divided into, and the personnel and equipment assigned to each zone. Streets have been assigned Priority One, Two, and Three with each zone as outline below. 

 Priority One – These are hills, bridges, underpasses, etc., which normally are the first areas to freeze. These will be the first streets addressed when snow/ice occurs.                                                                                                     

 Priority Two – These are arterial and major collector streets and will be addressed once all of the Priority One locations are completed.             

 Priority Three – These are collector streets, which normally have moderate traffic volume and should be addressed after all Priority One and Two locations are completed.


 NOTE: Due to limited personnel, equipment, and material, this department does not provide this snow removal service on every residential street.


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