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City of Jackson, TN Leaf Pick Up

2021-2022 Leaf Pick Up Guidelines

  • Leaf Trucks will run from the first Monday in November until the last weekday of March. Starting April 1st, leaves will need to be bagged for claw truck pick-up. Dial 3-1-1 or make a report on the Ready 3-1-1 App
  • Each of the four districts will have a crew assigned to it for the entire season. They will start at one side and sweep the entire district before starting over.
  • Leaves must be raked into piles at the street within four (4) feet. Any leaves raked after the truck has been on your road will be picked up on the next round through.
  • Sticks and limbs are to be placed in a separate pile. Any pile of leaves with excess limbs will be skipped.
  • Pick-up is based on weather. If it is raining, snowing, or frozen, our machine will clog. Operation will resume as soon as conditions allow.
  • Do not rake leaves over water meters or clean-outs. They will be sucked into the machine and possibly cause damage and delays.
  • Do not rake close to mailboxes or guide wires.
  • Do not park vehicles around leaf piles. If the leaf pile is blocked, it will be documented and skipped until the next round.
  • Do not rake over a rock-lined flowerbed. They will get sucked up and damage the machine causing delays and expense of repairs.
  • We do not pick up in trailer parks, apartment complexes, churches, and industrial parks.

If you have any further questions, dial 3-1-1.

Leaf Pick Up District Maps

Click image to view enlarged .pdf version.

Leaf Pick-up District 1 Leaf Pick-up District 2 North Leaf Pick Up District 2 South
Leaf Pick Up District 3 Leaf Pick Up District 4 Leaf Pick Up All Districts

Over 5M lbs. of leaves gathered during the 20-21 Leaf Pickup Season


2020-2021 Leaf Pickup Data

2020-2021 Leaf Pickup By District



Total Piles for All Districts


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