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Jackson Police Department introduces launches community connect program: “Safe Jackson, TN”
Posted on 11/16/2023

JACKSON, Tenn. – The Jackson Police Department today announced the official launch of its latest public safety initiative–a Real Time Crime Center in the Cloud platform designed to provide critical and actionable information that speeds up investigations and emergency response and keeps residents and businesses safer. Powered by Fusus, the new platform includes a camera registry–an online portal for citizens to register their security cameras in order to help solve crimes in the community. The Jackson Police Department is hoping that citizens will register their cameras and help create a community-wide public safety ecosystem.
By setting up a voluntary camera registration process, the need for door-to-door canvassing is eliminated and valuable time can be used elsewhere. The Jackson Police Department is enabling their investigators to know almost immediately if video evidence might be available at a particular location and who to contact to retrieve it. Registering a camera with the Jackson Police Department is quickly and easily done through the self-service portal by selecting the Camera Registry button at http://police.jacksontn.gov.
Both residential and commercial property owners and businesses are invited to register their security cameras. Registrant information and any video files provided will be kept confidential and only used in the event of a criminal investigation or emergency incident.
Camera registration does not give live video access to the Jackson Police Department. It only gives them camera location information for use when an incident occurs. Investigators will contact camera owners only if they need assistance collecting camera footage. In the event of a theft for example, police may request from a store owner a recorded video to quicken the process of evidence gathering.
“Continuing to build a real partnership between our residents and businesses and our Police Department is the key to a successful public safety landscape,” said Lt. Brien Turner, Jackson Police Department Law Enforcement Technologies. “This new platform will enable us to operate more efficiently to create a safer city for our residents. I strongly urge all the security camera owners in the community to take part in this fantastic new program.”
In addition to the camera registry, the Jackson Police Department is offering businesses the option to upgrade their video security systems to include live video feeds to the department. By installing a small CORE device on their network, businesses can share live video feeds with the Police Department in emergencies to improve employee safety and police response. To preserve privacy, live video can optionally be shared only on alert, using a smartphone app or manual trigger button, at the camera owner’s discretion. This upgrade can be requested following the camera registration process online.
The new platform unifies public and private video feeds and combines them with a host of new functionalities designed to streamline and enhance the Jackson Police Department’s law enforcement capabilities. This includes 911 and Computer-Aided-Dispatch (CAD) integration, officer geolocation, and the ability to pull multiple types of data ranging from floor plans to cell phone video to gunfire detection sensors to body camera footage all into a single map-based interface.
Of the new capabilities is also a new multi-media public tips option to report crimes or emergencies. Residents can send text messages, photos and videos directly by downloading the Atlas One App to report suspicious or criminal activity they witness.
In order to help members of the community register their cameras as part of this voluntary program, the Jackson Police Department will also be conducting a community outreach program by phone. Community Connect Advocates will be reaching out to local businesses to inform them about the program, and registering cameras over the phone if the owners wish to participate.
To register a camera with the Jackson Police Department or to upload a video directly to investigators, please visit http://police.jacksontn.gov and select the “Camera Registry” button and follow the instructions.
For more information about the Jackson Police Department, visit http://police.jacksontn.gov or email at [email protected] or call 731-425-8400.

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