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City Council approves budget amendment for “Trash 4 Cash”
Posted on 10/05/2021

JACKSON, Tenn. – The Jackson City Council, on Tuesday, approved a budget amendment for the “Trash 4 Cash” initiative, where groups can earn up to $100.00/mile of street by reducing litter in our city, proposed by the 2021-22 Mayor’s Youth Council in partnership with Keep Jackson Beautiful.

The mission of this program is to promote Public Environmental Awareness by Reducing Litter, Encouraging Recycling Efforts, and continuing to create a unique sense of pride in our city. This program is designed for non-profit groups such as schools, churches, civic groups and other community organization groups.

“I am extremely proud of the students represented on the Mayor’s Youth Council for bringing this proposal to the Jackson City Council,” said Mayor Scott Conger. “This program shows just how much our local youth care about their community.”

Other organizations and businesses that are not non-profit organizations may qualify to participate, if they choose to participate by donating their Trash 4 Cash cleanup proceeds to their favorite non-profit organization.

Trash4Cash Criteria

  • Your group must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible:
  • Your group or the group you are represent must be a federally recognized 501(c) (3) non-profit organization
  • Your group or the non-profit organization you are represent is located within the city limits of Jackson, TN
  • Volunteers must be age 11 or older
  • You must establish a group leader who is responsible for all contact with the Keep Jackson Beautiful Director
  • You must complete the online form 5-7 days prior to your preferred dates of service.
  • Groups that share the same tax EIN (Employer Identification Number) are limited to a total of 10 miles (both sides of the road) or cleanup, or up to $1,000.00 per year.

For more information on the Trash 4 Cash program including the application and litter pickup agreement, visit Trash4Cash.

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