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Individuals who have an active case in Jackson City Court may be referred to the City of Jackson Recovery Court by any court representative, agency, legal representative, family member, and/or by written individual request.

Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Candidate must voluntarily agree to enter the Recovery Court program
  • Candidate must agree to reside or be willing to reside in or near Jackson-Madison County to ensure accessibility to all treatment services and supervision
  • Candidate must be eighteen (18) years of age or older
  • Candidate must not be a “violent offender”
  • Must be potential agreement among sentencing Judge, District Attorney General’s office, and the Defense Counsel that Recovery Court would be an appropriate option
  • Candidate must plead guilty to their pending charge(s)
  • Candidate must self-report a history of drug and/or alcohol use
  • Candidate must make Recovery Court aware of all pending legal matters in other courts

Entrance Process

If all eligibility requirements are met, the Jackson Recovery Court staff will meet with the candidate to complete a clinical assessment. Once all necessary information is obtained, the Jackson Recovery Court staff will review all aspects of the candidate’s case and determine his/her appropriateness for entrance into the program.

If all requirements are met and candidate is approved to enter the program, the Recovery Court staff will provide the information to the Judge and other legal entities. Judge Anderson will make the final decision to approve a candidate and they will be entered into the program at their next court date.

The screening process is open-ended, typically lasting one (1) to two (2) weeks.

If the candidate is not interested, not eligible, or denied entrance by the Jackson Recovery Court Treatment Team; he/she will return to Jackson City Court for a due process hearing and/or the imposition of sentencing on his/her charges.

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